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Therapy Services:

Manual therapy and physical rehabilitation services
Physical Rehabilitation:

At Ascend we treat patients across the lifespan, focusing on the person as a whole, and addressing the cause not just the symptoms.


Areas we treat include, but are not limited to:

Neck and Back pain 

Hip pain

Shoulder injuries

Overuse injuries

Pre and Post surgical rehab

Balance and Gait Dysfunction

Strength & Flexibility Impairments

Endurance Issues

Return to Sport

Vestibular rehabilitation services
Vestibular Rehabilitation: 

Vestibular Rehabilitation is a specific form of therapy used to treat dizziness caused by vestibular disorders such as Positional Vertigo. Specialized exercises and maneuvers are used to improve gaze and gait stabilization in order to alleviate symptoms. Oftentimes, just after one treatment, clients notice a difference in the symptoms that they experience

Girl being treated by a physical therapist for a sports injury
Sport Injury    Rehabilitation:

No one has time to be put on the sidelines!  Sports injuries can take you out of the game causing you pain and discomfort in muscles and joints.  Ascend incorporates stretching and strengthening exercises, endurance training, neuromuscular re-education, return to sport training, and modalities as needed, to get you back to the sport you love as quick as possible!

Man doing knee physical therapy post-surgery
Pre/Post-Operative Care:

We are here to help you recover from your orthopedic surgery! We provide pre operative treatment to help you recover quicker, as well post operative care as help you heal once your surgery is complete.

Ascend also offers:​

  • Short Term In-Home Care for Those Transitioning to Outpatient Care

  • Treatment for Sprains/Strains

  • Auto & Workplace Injuries

  • Treatment for Vertigo & Dizziness

  • Balance/Gait Deviations

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